Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oak Creek campground

Andrew (my son) had two weeks off before school started and wanted to go camping. I had been planning a trip to Oak Creek campground (by Oak City) to see if I wanted to pull my trailer down there next month prior to the UTAG event in Delta. I decided to take him with me so we packed everything into the truck and headed down.

Going down, I had second thoughts about leaving the trailer home. It's hot down by Delta and this canyon (Oak Creek) is not high enough in elevation (about 5,700').  It's a pretty canyon but hot in the summer time. After looking at several camping spots we picked one we thought would be out of the sun. It was.... kind of. We were the only ones camping here except the camp host so it was nice and quiet.

I decided to take a power nap and Andrew started reading a book. All of a sudden, Andrew said, "Dad, there's a bear over there". It is unbelievable how fast the human body can move. I jumped up out of the cot and was moving towards my truck fully awake. Andrew said the "bear" was across the stream. As I looked, I saw the black animal and noticed an orange tag on its ear. I thought that was strange. Upon closer looked, I told Andrew he needs to go back to school and learn about animals again. That black animal was a cow!!! I ribbed him about it all night, but boy, he had me going for a moment.

The rest of the camp out was uneventful but it was nice when the sun and the heat finally went away. I enjoyed the night except when the battery died and my CPAP machine turned off. It was a long night. All in all it was nice to get away with my son, but next time, we are taking the trailer. I don't think I will come here again. My trailer would be a tight fit in this campground and the elevation just isn't high enough. But it is a nice spot for tenting as long as you avoid the "bears".
Andrew setting up tent
One of our visitors
Relaxing after setting up camp
Andrew's "Bear"
"Bear cubs"
Camp spot

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tabiona Loop

I needed a break from Utah Valley and "people" so I decided to take a ride up through Woodland over Wolf Creek Pass down into Tabiona then along Strawberry Reservoir and back home. It was a perfect day for a ride. I wasn't in the mood to geocache but did pick up a few. I stopped at the trail head and then headed up to Wolf Creek pass. I forgot how steep the road was but prior to the reaching the summit I pulled off into a favorite play area when I used to snowmobile. This meadow was fun and I remember the time an old friend, John, called me on the radio and asked me to come and help him get Ron W. out. I knew it was really bad when he called back and told me to bring my saw. Ron was riding my second sled but only damaged the windshield (when he flew into a tree). Those were fun times. 
Looking West

At the summit it was a nice 68 degrees. I drove around Wolf Creek campground to the south and went to the cliffs to grab a cache.

The cache took a bit to find as my GPS was bouncing all over the place. I finally found the cache and took a TB out of it. A family had camped up here and someone had left a sleeping bag. I wonder if they want it back?

I enjoy coming up to this ridge because Heart Lake is beautiful from up here.
Heart Lake
Heading back to highway 35, I ran into tons of sheep. And what do you know, another white dog with this herd. Maybe there's something to having a dog that blends with the sheep.

I was going to stop at my cache down by Phelps Brooks trail but there were more sheep and I didn't want to fight the dogs. I headed to Hanna, then to Tabiona and back to highway 40. I ran into construction and it seemed that people just could not drive slow. Some idiot was passing cars even though we had been reduced to one lane. What a moron.
The truck in front of the tanker was passing everyone, till the cop slowed him down

At the top of the summit, I stopped at Daniels Lodge and had lunch. I always enjoy stopping here to relax or eat. Their ribs are some of the best in the State.
I'm glad I took this trip. It was well worth the ride and scenery was great. Below are a few more pictures.
Sign at Wolf Creek trail head
A group of riders stopped and had lunch at Daniels

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Log Canyon

I was disappointed when I could not go to Potter's Pond for the annual caching event so when Jeff (Bowles) and Ken (Cluff) invited me to go with them to Log Canyon, I jumped at the opportunity. There were five of us. Jeff brought a friend, Lynn (I think), who was a former Bishop and Ken brought his grand daughter, Megan.
Looking south into Log Canyon
We parked at the trail head which is just off highway 132 and headed south up the canyon. We normally take the old logging road (the short cut) which is pretty tight in some spots but fun to ride. The snow had bowed a few trees and it didn't look like we could make it up but it wasn't as bad as it looked.
Taking the short cut
As we travel up one hill we were almost run over by sheep. They were everywhere and as we crested one ridge we found where they had stopped to take a break and have a drink. The dogs started barking as we approached and we noticed a littler of pups that blended into the sheep so well it was hard to distinguish them apart (except for the snout and skinny bodies).  Jeff started walking towards the herd and we didn't know if he was going to pet the pups or try to lead the sheep! We took a short break and I hid a cache (Sheepherders Hideout) here before moving on.
Jeff being the good Shepard
Those dogs blend in good
When we reached the top of Log canyon we continued on to the junction where you can descend into Maple Canyon  (left fork) or Wales (right fork). I wanted to try the Wales trail so we headed up along the ridge line and then down the hill. What a mistake that was. I thought Hobble Creek was bad, but this trail takes the cake. I will never do that again. We went down about 3.5 miles and then turned around and headed back. There were several groups out on this trail and all of them did not like the rough riding.
Looking east from Wales trail into Maple Canyon
A pretty dusty trail
Heading back up to the top of Log Canyon we took a detour over to my cache, Booster Station. We didn't find any shady spots for lunch so we went back down part way and found a trail heading east. We parked under the trees and had lunch. I hid another cache (ICM Rest Stop) in honor of Dr. Jay's cachemobile. It was a great little spot for lunch and to relax for a bit.
Ken showing Megan the proper technique for napping on the ATV
You really can sleep on an ATV
After lunch we headed back up to the top past the booster station to the cliffs that overlooked Fountain Green and Moroni. We even found a patch of snow (I couldn't believe it had not melted). After picture taking we headed back down the canyon to the vehicles. It was so nice and cool on this ride, makes me look forward to the fall ride. I love this canyon in the fall as the colors are unbelievable.

Wales Reservoir  
Ken likes to ride right to edge of hills