Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Countdown Starts

Just a quick update on my knee. I decided to go to a specialists, Dr. Devon Nelson to see why I was having problems walking. I had been going to therapy in American Fork but the pain just intensified daily. After ex-rays, I found out that my arthritis was full blown and that I was rubbing bone to bone. Only two things that you can do at this point, live with the pain and take lots of pain pills or replace the bad part and start another journey. I decided to replace the knee and had scheduled surgery for November 15th at Mountain View Hospital in Payson. My doctor tried to convince me it was the better choice. After talking with family and friends, I decided to hold off until after Thanksgiving so now I am counting down the days and not looking forward to the big cut. But I am looking forward to having less pain in the future and getting back to camping, hiking, and riding.