Saturday, January 29, 2011

Moab with the Guys

Several of us in my local church ward planned a trip to Moab, UT.  Jordon's dad has a Condo there which we planned to stay at. After contacting several in the ward, there were six of us planning to go. The night before we left Steve Baxter said he had the flu and would not be going. That left Jordon Farr, Jeff Wilks (our Bishop), Brad Harris, Zac Orton and myself. We left on Friday, January 28th about 9:00 am. On the way down we experienced a flat tire on the trailer. Someone behind us flagged us down and told us we had a tire shredding.
 Its a good thing we had a good Samaritan behind us and a few spare tires. We made it down to Moab and went out on our first ride about 3:00 PM. We headed out to Gemini Bridge and then on to Four Arches. There was a lot of snow, great views and a lot of picture taking. Having a fear of heights, I didn't get too close to Gemini Bridge. Everyone else took pics and I will get a few from them.

 After the ride we headed to the La Hacinda for dinner and then onto the Condo. The Condo was great. I was tired and went to bed early (11:00pm). The guys stayed up and played pin pong.

On Saturday after breakfast at McDonalds we headed to Hurrah pass. We rode to top and down other side. It was a great ride.
 Back at parking lot we noticed the tire low again on the right side (same one we had a flat on). We headed to gas station to fill it up and could not get our fingers between tire and floor of trailer. We headed back to the Condo and took out four of the 4wheelers (which we left in Moab). This raised the trailer up enough to allow us to get our fingers between the trailer floor and the tire.  We brought the trailer and one 4wheeler home (mine). We figured the trailer had a broken spring but made it back home about 6:30pm without anymore incidents. It was a great trip although I wish it had been longer. We are already planning another trip. Of course, we need to go get the rest of the 4wheelers.