Sunday, March 24, 2013

Trip to New Mexico

March 18, 2013 –
I decided to take a trip to New Mexico to visit family and to do some family history. What was I thinking? Ride in a car for 8-9 hrs? Am I nuts? I guess I am. I left Orem on March 18th and made a stop at the Price cemetery to take a few pictures of the Huntsman’s buried there and try and find the grave of Ruth Huntsman (my great grandpa’s 1st daughter).  I gave the sexton the history of Ruth (the daughter) and her family. They did not have that. All they had was it was an infant.
I felt that while I was in Price, if I didn’t stop and say hi to Udink’s, I would be in trouble. I stopped and chatted with Dennis for a few minutes and we talked about the trip to San Rafael next month. Traci stopped to say hi and headed back to work. I took my journey south to Moab, Monticello and stopped in Blanding to see if any relatives were buried there. I could not find any Huntsman’s, Adair’s or Slade’s. I then headed to Bluff and found the cemetery up on the hill north of town. Pretty cool. The rock formations around town were neat!! I found one Adair buried there and some Perkins but no others.
Since I was so far down south, I decided to head down to Mexican Water, Tease Nos Pos and then over to Shiprock. It took longer but I made it to my sisters’ house in Kirtland by 5:30pm.
We went out to eat with my other two sisters at a Mexican restaurant. Love the Mexican chili down here.
March 19, 2013 –
Loading up pictures, looking at Family History lines, etc. Took it easy today as my leg had swelled up twice it’s size from my trip down here. Went to a Zoner, put ice on my knee and kept it elevated most of the day.
March 20, 2013 –
Headed to Hammond, NM to take pictures of graves and see the area. Then went over to Aztec Cemetery to take pictures of Grandma and Grandpa Greenleaf's graves, Uncle Roy, Uncle Ike and Uncle Monk.
March 21, 2013 –
After doing research last night and this morning, Gwen and I have decided not to go to Red Mesa, CO since all the work has been done. I do have a few corrections to make but can have relatives do the work for me. 

Heading to town (Farmington) to shop and a few other things. Bought a birthday present for a good friend from my former work place. I wanted to get her something authentic from my home town so I bought some turquoise. Gwen saw a pretty necklace at the store. I couldn’t believe they wanted $325.00 for it. Prices sure have gone up since the 70’s. I guess you gotta pay for the real thing. 

Gwen and I went back home but first I had to have a Lotta burger for lunch. There are a few things I have to do when visiting New Mexico, have a real Navajo taco, have authentic Mexican food and eat a Lotta burger (which has green chili and jalapeno’s on it).I had heard there was a storm coming in so decided to cut my trip short and head home in the morning.

March 22, 2013 –
Left at 6:30 am, stopped in Price and talked to Dennis for a bit, stopped at Utah Valley hospital to visit with Mom Wilson. I guess she’s not doing too well. Learned Dad Wilson is going into the hospital next week. The doctors are going to stop his heart and restart it. I know Mom and Dad are in their 80’s but they should be enjoying these years instead of spending them in the hospital. I lost my first parents early (Mom – 38, Dad – 60). I sure don’t want to lose my second set this soon.

It took me a day or two to recover from the trip and have the swelling in my leg reduce enough not to hurt constantly. Am I ready to go again soon? Heck ya!!!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Summer's Here??

It feels like summer today and will get warmer by Sunday (3rd). After looking at the long term weather, I am going to take the blade off the 4-wheeler so I can get out and play some. Just an update of the past few months. My surgery for the knee was November 27, 2012. Surgery went well but I had a few complications afterword. It's kind of nice to still be around. Therapy has helped a lot and I am regaining my health.

The Spring GeoCache event is scheduled for April so I am working hard to be ready and be able to take the trailer out. I may take it out in March for a few days to get used to the workout again. I have been working on family history stuff and want to visit a few cemetery's where family members are buried so I can source them to their records. Some of the places are very remote so I think it would be great to explore new areas.