Monday, January 2, 2012


With Utah receiving a heat wave in January, Jeff, Ken and I decided to head out to 5-mile to ride ATV's and enjoy the sun. We headed out about 10:00 am and found out others were thinking the same thing. The area was packed with bikers, ATV & UTV riders as well as idiots shooting guns where they were not suppose to. I hate dodging bullets just to ride in the 5-mile area. I guess people don't pay attention to the signs that say "Gun free zone". Luckily we did not get hit but I bet there were a dozen groups out practicing with their new rifles or pistols.

At the top of 5-mile pass we turned down the old railroad bed and headed to 10-mile. We rode around the 10-mile and 12-mile area. We were trying to locate a place to have lunch out of the wind and found a good wash next to one of the trails. I placed a geocache at the spot while Ken and Jeff took naps. Riding just would not be fun without the nap ritual.

We loaded up about sunset and headed home. It was really nice to be out in the warm sun and nice blue sky. That's one way to recharge the batteries.
Sledding without snow. One steep hill!
Ken almost missed the turn
Jeff taking it easy
Ken going around in circles

An old wooden corral
Jeff after the slide
Our nap ritual (can't ATV without nap time)
The end of a great day of riding