Saturday, October 13, 2012

San Rafael Reef - NOT

I have been planning all summer to go down early with Dennis to the GeoCache fall camp event. Dennis finally picked a spot that the group had gone to I think back in 2006 (N 38° 55.890 W 110° 25.300). We continued to make plans and I decided to drop my trailer off at his house in Price and then continue down to Moab for my annual golf event (more volunteer work). As I continued to pack up the trailer, my leg started getting worse. The pain started about 3 or 4 weeks ago and was centered just below my right knee on the back side (in the calf area). I thought my arthritis was kicking up and was hoping I didn't have to have surgery or replacement like my left knee. On Thursday (Oct 11th) morning, I decided to call and get a doctors' appointment.

At the doctor's office I got some bad news, no driving for a few weeks. In other words, no Moab, no San Rafael Reef trip. Talk about bummed out. The doctor told me I had a gastrocnemius rupture (tendinitis) in my calf area. How I got it, I have no idea unless it was moving the dresser upstairs which it could have been. Oh well, it is painful at times. The sad thing is, I'm not heading to Moab or San Rafael. I guess I will have to wait for Dennis and others to post pics on their FB page or Dennis' blog (


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Snake Creek

Jeff Bowles has been itching to go riding again and asked Ken (Cluff) and I where we would want to go. He was thinking about Reeder Canyon but after discussing this with Ken, we felt that was too far for just a quick day trip. Reeder Canyon is down by Joe's Valley and takes a few hours to get there. It would have been great to see the fall colors but Snake Creek is a lot closer.

I ran over to Ken's place Thursday evening and loaded up his trailer (since I sold mine). I loaded my ATV Friday morning and then went over and loaded up Ken's. Ken's hip is getting better but he has me load and unload his ATV (and I wouldn't let him anyway). At 77 yrs old, he's not as nimble as he used to be. We met up with Jeff at his house at 9:00 am and headed up to Snake Creek / Miller Flat trail head.

After unloading, we headed up the road and up top to the junction of Cascade Springs, American Fork and Snake Creek. Instead of continuing on to Tibble Fork we decided to head to Snake Creek trail and take it since it was at least an hour or two ride. Ken mentioned that the gate at the bottom was probably locked and we would have to come back up to the top.
As we headed down there was a tree that had fallen across the trail. Ken started heading north through the trees to find a way around it. It took him about 20 minutes but he finally made it. I was hesitant to go because I didn't know if we could get back up the same way. We thought about hooking our winches on and try pulling the tree to the side but it was a big heavy tree and I forgot to take my saw!

Jeff went around the tree the same way Ken did so I decided to follow and worry about returning later. Ken told me this was an easy trail and it was a first but then I got to a sign that said, "Keep Right, Use Extreme Caution". It wasn't extreme but when you put on the brakes you slid quite a bit and to go fast down the hill was not advisable.

The colors were great with green, yellow, red, and other shades. At the bottom it was quite warm and we found that the gate was not locked but looked that way. We decided to head up a ways to have lunch and I knew as soon as I let Ken lead, he was going to go most of the way up, which he did. I decided to head on up to where the log was across the trail where we had lunch.

After lunch, we headed back down towards the gate. I took a short cut at the bottom and found another way out to the road. Jeff and Ken followed. We made it back to the trail head, loaded up and headed home. What a great day. I really enjoy spending time with good friends. These rides are for the senior citizens and we take it kind of slow. When I go with my younger friends, I know that it's rushed and everyone wants to get to the end as quickly as possible. Since retiring, I have gotten off the fast lane and it's been nice to take it easy and slow at times. But my next ride will be fast and furious at the Swell!!!

Additional Pictures:
Jeff (left) and Ken taking pictures

Ken trying to find a way around the tree that fell across the trail
At the bottom of the trail by golf course
The Bib Overall twins

Looking over the Heber Valley