Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Moab 2014

A few of my friends in the neighborhood were planning their semi-annual trip to Moab and convinced me I needed to go with them this year. I'm glad I did except for a few hill climbs or should I say down hill drops!

We had planned to drive down on Thursday so we could have two good days to ride and play. Jon B said he could not go until Friday so Jordan F, Brad H, Jeff W, Kevin J and myself left Thursday evening after everyone got off work. We stopped at Ray's Tavern in Green River for a hamburger (the best place around)

 We made it down to the condo about 10:30 pm and Brad and Jeff had a ping pong match. Boy, was that loud!!! The next morning we had homemade breakfast with Brad cooking the eggs (lot's of eggs). Good thing I had them cook a jalapeno with the sausage.  Of course, no one was brave enough to have some except Brad. What a trooper!

After breakfast we headed north of Moab to Merrimack and Monitor Butte. After riding the trail for a while we loaded up and headed to 7-Mile and Uranium Arch. The trail was rough but fun to ride. It had rained the night before so we didn't kick up hardly any dust.  It seemed everyone wanted to ride and not stop and take pictures. Needless to say, the group was always waiting for me but I was able to take a few pics. I didn't find any rock art though which was disappointing.

Unloading area

Tusher Tunnel

Entrance to Tusher Tunnel


Back side of  Tusher Tunnel

After a great day of riding we headed back to Moab and had dinner at Fiesta Mexicana which was okay. I had the Chili Colorado and others ordered the Chili Verda. It seems everyone was eating off my plate because the Chili Colorado had a great flavor. I'm glad I ordered it.  After dinner it was back to the condo to watch a good movie, Ender's Game. First time I had seen this although I have read the book. I soon found out there are a few more books to read in the series. Looks like I have a few more books for my Kindle.

Saturday, we cleaned the condo and then headed to the trail, Fins and Things east of Moab. The only thing I will say about this trail is I enjoyed some of it but did not enjoy the drop offs and had someone else drive my ATV off the cliff or went around the problem areas if I could. I found out my bionic knees are not so bionic. I took a few pictures but wished I could have had time to take more. It seems everyone was in such a hurry to get to the end of the trail that they forgot to stop and enjoy nature! We finished riding about noon and headed home since several had additional appointments Saturday evening. All in all it was a great weekend that was much needed.

One of the places I refused to go down. I'm not young anymore or "crazy"
Too steep for me
Let's go Brad
Looking east towards the La Sal's
Heading to Fins and Things

Additional pictures:

Jeff leaving Kevin hanging at Tusher Tunnel
Quit laughing Brad
Kevin at Uranium Arch looking for a GeoCache
Uranium Arch
On 7-Mile Rim
Merrimack and Monitor Butte
Round spirals
Brad's in every picture
By Wipe Out hill
Uranium Arch
Monitor Butte
By Wipe Out hill

** Videos not loading at present.***
 A few video's. They didn't turn out very well and I forgot to clean my lens but it is something to watch. The videos were taken at Fins and Things.