Saturday, June 25, 2011

Diamond Fork, Oh My!

Jeff Bowles asked if I wanted to go with him and Ken (Cluff aka Grandpa Ken). After my challenges the past week with adjusting to new medication, I jumped at the opportunity to get out and enjoy new surroundings. I had never been up Diamond Fork to Monks Hollow. I have ridden the Long Hollow trail up but not from the Diamond Fork trail head.
Ken getting ready
Jeff deciding what to bring
We let Ken drive and he decided to see how far up the canyon we could go before turning around (after scaring me a few times - the edge of the road was inches away). The canyon was so green and pretty. Water running everywhere. At the trail head, there was a group of people packing up and leaving and another group unloading horses.
That looks like fun!
We took the main trail and meandered up the road. It was the perfect trail since we just wanted to get out, enjoy and then be able to head home by 2:00 pm. We met a couple that was biking up the trail. They had more energy than I did. I love my 4-wheeler going up hills like that. We also ran into some other ATV'ers (who almost flipped their machine trying to get out of the way). Ken took us over to Monks Hollow where we had lunch and our famous nap (gotta have that). We then headed back taking a more direct trail that was a little dryer and steeper. All in all it was a great day and I enjoyed getting out with friends.
Jeff putting along
Water trough along the trail
Up on top looking west at Provo Peak
The famous nap

Ponds everywhere
Trying out a new video. I need to get it mounted so the pics are not shaky. This was part of the trail we were on. The rider is Ken and I am always following his dust!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Riding with Grampa Ken

With all the nice weather, it was time to get Ken out for a good ride. He had told me earlier that he wanted to wait until the temperature was in the 80's before he could ride. Well, Friday it was a cool 85 in the Little Moab area. We parked at Dibbles Roost (on the west side of Little Moab) and I showed Ken where Dibble, Adams and others usually camped. I couldn't believe it was still so green.

Looking north from Adams & Dibbles camp area

We headed south towards Eureka and went over to where several of us had camped for Labor Day last year. The place looked very different with all the grass. It was tall and thick. I even took time to hide a geocache there. The flowers were in full bloom all the different colors, red, yellow, white, blue, orange, etc. I should have taken a lot of pics but was enjoying the day so much, I forgot.
Ron & Nicole parked where the logs are
Dibble parked to the east of the middle tree
I was camped between these two trees
 I next took Ken over to Broad Canyon on the north and into 12-mile pass where I checked on a few caches and we had lunch. After that, we headed south up Broad Canyon Road all the way to the top and looked into the Black Rock area. From the top we could see Boulter Peak to the south and Bismark Peak to the east. I only wish the day was a little more crisp. It was kind of murky even though there were not very many clouds. Of course, Lewiston Peak looked cool with the snow cap still on the top. All in all, it was great to get Ken out and enjoy his company. We need to do it again.
Mt. Timpanogos looking east
Looking south east into Broad Canyon
Grampa Ken
Taking a break at top of Broad Canyon