Tuesday, February 15, 2011

12-Mile Pass

With the mild weather, I decided to head out west of Allen's Ranch and ride the 4wheeler to the west end of 12-mile pass. I should have stayed home and waited until the ground dried out but where's the fun in that. It was tough going in a few spots but it was a great day. There was still too much snow in several places, lots of mud (I should have stayed out of), and a fair amount of wind. The temp was about 50 degrees but with the cold wind, it sure didn't feel like it.

My goal was to go to the west side of 12-mile pass by Topliff. I didn't get that far as the road was too muddy in several spots and I didn't want to damage it anymore than I already had. I did get myself in trouble after hiding a cache on a north slope. I continued heading north and realized I was in a newly plowed field. I should have turned around but dummy me decided to go between the plowed sections heading east back towards the main road. I found ATV's don't float very well and being out in the middle of a field, I had no trees to put the winch around. Good thing for rocks, speed, and 4wheel drive. It was still a challenge getting to the other side. When I got back to the trail, I noticed my safety flag dragging on the ground. I'm surprised the whip didn't snap with all the mud on the flag. I'll have to remember next time to leave it off. While out riding and heading home, I saw deer and antelope. Pretty cool. I think the next warm day, I will wait until the ground dries before heading out to Little Moab area. I've learned my lesson.