Saturday, October 13, 2012

San Rafael Reef - NOT

I have been planning all summer to go down early with Dennis to the GeoCache fall camp event. Dennis finally picked a spot that the group had gone to I think back in 2006 (N 38° 55.890 W 110° 25.300). We continued to make plans and I decided to drop my trailer off at his house in Price and then continue down to Moab for my annual golf event (more volunteer work). As I continued to pack up the trailer, my leg started getting worse. The pain started about 3 or 4 weeks ago and was centered just below my right knee on the back side (in the calf area). I thought my arthritis was kicking up and was hoping I didn't have to have surgery or replacement like my left knee. On Thursday (Oct 11th) morning, I decided to call and get a doctors' appointment.

At the doctor's office I got some bad news, no driving for a few weeks. In other words, no Moab, no San Rafael Reef trip. Talk about bummed out. The doctor told me I had a gastrocnemius rupture (tendinitis) in my calf area. How I got it, I have no idea unless it was moving the dresser upstairs which it could have been. Oh well, it is painful at times. The sad thing is, I'm not heading to Moab or San Rafael. I guess I will have to wait for Dennis and others to post pics on their FB page or Dennis' blog (


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