Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cedar Hollow Road

Jeff (Bowles) and I asked Ken (Cluff) to take us to a new area to ride.We were going to go to Ophir but decided to escape the heat and head east up to SoapStone area instead. Ken had ridden the Taylor Fork trail which starts on the Mirror Lake highway and heads south. It ties into the Cedar Hollow trail. We decided to come in from the Francis or Woodland side and head north.

We met at Jeff's place and were introduced to two of Jeff's friends, Chuck (as old as Ken) and Daylin? Chuck drove his truck with three ATV's on his trailer. I had my trailer with both mine and Ken's ATV. We got as far as Bridal Veil Falls when Chuck noticed his trailer tire passing him. Ken and I were at the Sundance turn off before they called and asked us to come back.  Chuck had broke down on a very dangerous spot and cars would not move over. We unloaded the ATV's and took them down to the east turn off of Bridal Veil Falls. It was very unnerving being on the main road. Some drivers are just speed demon's. 

Chuck, Daylin and Jeff went back for Jeff's trailer and truck while Ken and I loaded one of the smaller ATV's on my trailer. When they came back we loaded up the other two ATV's and headed up to Woodland. It was a nice 72 degrees. I had never been to the Cedar Hollow area but it was nice and had places where you could camp. I saw a trailer same size as mine go up the road so I may just come up one of these times. (N40 33.379' W111 09.756')
Ken driving into Cedar Hollow left fork

Ken led the way and took us up the west side trail, which was pretty rocky until you got up on top.

A rocky trail

Chuck trying to stand on the trail
Jeff and I played in a few mud puddles and took pictures of the flowers and area. We made the loop back to Cedar Hollow road and took it to the top of the hill where we could look down at the Mirror Lake Highway.

Ken saw a small bear but could not catch it to take a picture. We did come across some guy hiking up to the top of the hill and back. We told him about the bear. That would have been a little unnerving to bump into a bear as you are hiking (no hiking along for me!).

The ride back down was uneventful except all the mud holes I went through. I was having so much fun that I had to rely on Jeff and Ken to take the pictures. It was a great day even though it started out with challenges.

Additional pictures of the area.

View east to Mirror Lake Highway
View south to Woodland
Camp area in Cedar Hollow, looking west
View south towards Woodland
Lunch on top of hill
Ken (left) and Jeff taking pictures

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