Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Elberta Slant

With the temperature hovering around the 50's, it was time to head out to Elberta and check up on a few of my caches. I asked Brad Harris if he wanted to go and he said, come pick me up. It was a great day even though it was overcast and windy. We parked at the Elberta slant road and headed north towards Little Moab. I have close to 15 caches in the area and was able to check on six of them. I did place a new one. Riding out in the desert has it moments and it was nice to get out before the snow comes (if it ever does).

Brad getting ready to ride
Brad on top of hill at Little Moab (cache Mt. Sinai)
Brad looking for cache Mt. Sinai
Looking east towards Payson area
Brad looking for one of my caches
Abandon train tunnel by Elberta Slant Road
It's great to take a power nap after lunch

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