Thursday, December 9, 2010

5-Mile in December

I have been sick for about a month with a persistent cold and cough but decided I needed a break. I headed out to 5-mile on the "warmest" day of the week. Temp was 46 degrees when I got there and 40 degrees when I left. Not too bad but I feel like I am paying for it. Oh well, you only live once.

I normally go to the west end of 5-mile by the Pony express turnoffs and either park at the top of the hill or south about half a mile. I chose the top of the hill because of the snow and mud. The snow had melted quite a bit and several spots were dry. I tried to avoid the mud as much as possible (ya right). For being a gloomy overcast day it was fun to be out checking on my caches and getting out of the house. I went as far as Rocky Cave ( before turning back. I did place a new cache for those that like to get out in the winter time. Happy Trails!

My ride. Parked at West end of 5-mile
Close by my cache, Prairie Mouse (
Looking north towards Lewiston Peak
Close by a new cache
Looking west
My Rocky Cave cache (

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