Friday, March 4, 2011


Brad Harris and I needed a break and decided to head out to 5-mile no matter the condition of the trails. We parked on the west side of 5-mile by one of my geocaches. From there we headed south to 12-mile pass but only got as far as 10-mile close by the ghost town Topliff. The north side of the hills were very very wet and it was hard to avoid them all the time. Of course, who would want to. We came to play.

It is still too muddy to be out in a few spots and I learned that the hard way by almost flipping my 4wheeler. Mud has a way of stopping you pretty quick or causing you to slide all over the road. Good thing I was wearing a helmet. 

Brad and I did go up in the hills where the ground was still frozen and had lunch. It was so nice and warm we took our normal siesta. After lunch we continued south west towards 12-mile and found many of the trails too muddy to continue. Brad's machine was not protecting him from the mud and he had it everywhere. It's a good thing he brought extra clothing otherwise I would have had him ride in the back on the way home. On the way back to the truck, we went out to the pony express road. It was good and hard packed and we were able to make good time.

I was surprised at how many people were coming out to play. We thought it would be very cold day but as the day progressed it kept getting warmer. I'm glad we went out early and avoided the crowds.

Looking north west towards Stookey Mtn.
Out by 10-mile pass
Stookey Mtn.
Checking out the edge of the cliff
Ah, nap time!
Brad finishing up lunch
Brad trying to climb a hill that was too steep and soft.
Notice the mud!

Brad taking pics.


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